One moment is important, many moments are not


This work consists of seventy-two 10×10 cm sheets, as well as a video, compiled from these sheets.

The idea of the project is to allow the viewer, by choosing and combining the sheets, to discover their own personal drawing.

Motifs on the sheets represent a transposition of fragments of a traditional Indian decorative object whose optimal function is to decorate a window.

The form of the object is a chain, and its hoops resemble birds.

A bird as a symbol of freedom, with the view through the window symbolising the need for liberation, are at the heart of the intention to also allow the final project participant freedom, by their own choice from the multitude, to make their personal ‘creation’. Therefore, since there are a vast number of possible combinations, probability factor plays a significant role in selecting the final ‘creation’.

Video made by Giorgio Trumpy